May 25 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

Looks like I have a lot of reading to do,

I just woke up and found a lot of pages I haven't written, on my journal.

It is my hand writing so I guess I did write it, but the only way to find out is by reading it all.

4:32 p.m So I have finally read it all, it was hard to understand why it's all there,

but according to the pages, I only exist to find out why the war in two days starts at all.

I received clear instructions on the last pages and the note left in the journal,

first I have to travel to village 1 A and try and find out what's going on before the war, maybe find out the reason.

It takes about 45 minutes to get there and the day is almost over, so I guess I'll just take some money with me and go there as soon as I can.

6 p.m So I got a place to stay, I won't do any investigation today, it's already dark outside, but tomorrow I have time to go outside,

get close to the town hall and see who's going in and out, maybe even get in as see who's there, but it's likely I will not be allowed in.

The worst thing that could happen is that someone notices I am not from here, I'll have to be ready to cross out the date on the back at any time.

So that's my plan, just explore the area around the town hall, I might also be able to take somethings that contain information and send them back.

The day is almost over, that's it for today too, see you at the next documented day.


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