May 26 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

So today I got back home after one hour of swimming in the lake and the first thing

I heard when I got close to my house-door was my father, saying "What kind of book doesn't burn?" and I instantly had an idea of what he might be talking about.

Father was throwing some wood and old papers into the fireplace for tonight. The change from Autumn to winter is rather quick,

and today is the first day of winter, it's noticeably colder than yesterday.

I had left my book on the table next to our house exit on some papers, those must have been some papers my father was planning to use for the fire,

and he most likely thought that the book was part of the useless material pile.

So after I went through the door, I saw what I was expecting to see, my journal lying in the fire and not burning, not even a bit.

Apparently, the journal is not only waterproof, but also fireproof, it might be indestructible for all I know.

I really need to find out where that journal comes from, it could be someone's ability from another village that has created it and it somehow ended up by the river where I found it.

I'm sure if the journal belonged to someone from this village they would have been out there asking if someone had seen it, as it is something quite special.

Aside from that discovery, on my way home, I heard two men talk about a stage two fire ability, they had the symbol of a neighboring village, so I avoided talking to them.

People do travel to other villages, but no one ever comes to our village, it has nothing special to offer.
In case you don't know, our villages are only named after the year they were founded and a letter, our village is simply known as 70 A, it's the first village founded in the year 70 A.C,

where A.C just stands for the year the first village ever was established, which was Village 0 A.

Village 0 A, does no longer exist, the people mysteriously disappeared in the year 273, leaving their houses and everything they owned behind.

Our closest neighbor is village 1 A, which is known for having the most abilities in one place, since a lot of people go to live there,

but like I said before, no one knows what those abilities really are.

Now that I think about it, that might be a great thing to use an indestructible journal for, to document everything there is to document in the world,

but the journal only has a limited amount of pages. So only time will tell, what gets to be written on it.

And once again, that's everything for today and see you at the next documented day.


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