May 27 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

So today I am writing at an unusual time, it's 5 o'clock in the morning,

the police has woken everyone up and is trying to bring us to safety.

While waiting for our group to be moved next, I decided to take my Journal out and write about what's going on,

people are talking about a potential war with village 1 A,

soon it's our turn to move and I don't know how much time I have to write, so I'll stop right here.

Right now it's 7 o'clock in the morning I have just finished helping with moving food and water underground,

we're still waiting for further instructions.

8:20 a.m I have been selected to help the military out on the surface, they have allowed me to take my Journal with me.

I never even knew we had a military,

I wondered how we could possibly fight with only a stage one ability, but as it turns out,

the reason no one has ever talked about higher stages is that they all belong to the military,

they are to stay top secret, just in case.

So the military is full of people with stage 2 abilities and no one knows what they are.

9:15 a.m I managed to ask a higher up, what stage 2 light extension is and he said that people can see about 2 seconds into the future,

he said they use this to dodge any incoming punch or attack.

He also said the part of the military that fights, consists of 200 people,

it's believed the enemy army consists of 750, but the stage 2 light extension is apparently really powerful, apparently, this village has never lost a war, despite being so small.

10:00 a.m everyone is getting ready to fight, I would be fighting too, if I had an ability, but I don't.

Even the ones with stage 1 light extension, are using a bow and arrow as they are able to aim for the smallest gaps in enemy shield defenses.

11:00 a.m The fight is going on, the enemy uses fire and air to attack,

they are able to cause a strong wind in random directions so we're not able to use arrows, the stage 2 fighters are going in with swords.

A few minutes ago I talked to the chief about what I heard last night on my way home,

about the men that were talking about a stage 2 fire extension.

He said they might have been scouting the area looking for a way to attack,

but he does not know what a stage 2 fire extension might look like.

11:36 a.m I may have just witnessed what a stage 2 fire extension looks like,

they enemy used air to elevate some of their own soldiers, they then have started shooting fireballs at us from above.

If that's just a stage 2 of what is considered a low tier extension, then I am scared of what higher ones can do.

But I still have trust in our military.

3:24 p.m the busiest hours of the day are over, the air strike stopped, it wasn't working out for them, we defended just fine. I almost got hit on my way to the soldiers while delivering water.

The general said they'll launch an attack during the night with a unit composed of stage 3 fighters,

he explained that they see the world differently, they see everything, all wavelengths of light, everything through walls,

see in the dark and even atoms, not only that, but the ability to see 2 seconds into the future is extended to 5 seconds.

The general himself has the stage 3 light extension.

3:53 p.m I have been dismissed and can go underground and rest, I will probably manage to sleep all the way to next morning.

It has been confirmed that the two men I saw yesterday are two higher-ups of Village 1 A's military. I will stop writing for today.

I strongly believe that we will win this, winning it would mean we get access to a lot of information regarding extensions,

and I would love to write about it.

See you all at the next documented day.


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