May 28 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

I woke up and headed straight outside to find out what's going on,

and just as I expected, we're winning.

I have gotten permission from the general to write, he made me the official rapporteur of this battle,

but I have not told him about what the journal can do.

Yesterday at 5:32 pm we managed to cut the ropes and break the chains the enemy relies on to open

and close their gate and now the enemy can no longer close its doors.

After hours of analyzing the walls, the stage 3 fighters found weak points

and instabilities that they then exploited to take make a big hole in the wall.

And once again I was surprised by how far extensions can go, turns out stage 4 light can make themselves invisible,

but we don't have any stage 4 light extension users,

There are some stage 5 users that are involved in this fight.

The difference between 4 and 5 is that stage 5 can make other things invisible, including people,

and stage 5 can't be seen by stage 3, unlike 4.

Stage 4 can see 10 seconds into the future and Stage 5 one whole minute.

So the plan is just that, send in strong invisible fighters.

Right now it's 2 p.m and the attack is about to begin. Despite having more troops than us, the enemy has yet to attack again,

the general fears that they are also planning something big.

3:13 p.m I have been thinking about how the military has been able to hide all this information from most of the public

and I wonder what else they could be hiding,

maybe if I get them to trust me more, I'll find out a few more things.

3:24 p.m The general feared something big by the enemy, and big it was.

Village 1 A has a big wall around them, but the only thing somewhat protecting us is the forest, but the forest is now completely gone,

the enemy set it on fire. The fire was so hot that the trees completely burned down in seconds. Now there is not much that can protect us,

besides our tents and a few sandbags and rocks, the people underground are safe.

The general decided it's a perfect time to attack, he knows the enemy has underestimated us and this is the perfect time to prove their view about us wrong.

3:30 p.m. The special unit has just headed out. A few minutes ago the men that were responsible for the fire were captured, there were 5 of them,

but they set themselves on fire before any information could be extracted from them.

3:40 p.m In just under 10 minutes, the unit has returned. It's over we won, in just under 2 days, it went flawless, which to me is really suspicious.

I really want to find out why the enemy attacked us.

4:52 p.m Just as I suspected, right after the enemy surrendered, the only thing we took was their research on abilities, those will be sent to the military library,

that only a few people have access to, now including me. As someone who documents for the military.

I guess in a way I am a bit upset that this wasn't a long battle, it would have been a good story to write about.

Then again, no casualties and a quick victory is a good thing and makes everyone feel safe in this village. Besides,

reading about it could never be compared to actually being there,

all I can say is that I was scared the whole time and helping even in just a tiny way it makes you feel like you're fighting too.

I still feel like something about the battle is off, it seemed too perfect and too easy,

I just don't understand why they never attacked again.

Me finding this journal and liking to write made me get access to the library,

I'll get there as soon as I can, to read and write all I can,

I need to find out everything I can about abilities and maybe I can find out something about why I don't have any.

7:32 p.m after helping out moving the people back to their homes and carrying food and weapons, everyone that was not a soldier was dismissed.

I quickly went home to see my father, he seemed just fine.

I only told him that I helped out and that I didn't see anything because I was only in the back.

Everyone was told not to mention anything to anyone else.

8:13 I just had dinner and I am going to go sleep immediately, tomorrow I get to help out in the military library, I don't know what I get to do,

but I know I won't get to read anything, they take any help they can in this small village, doesn't mean they trust everyone,

but it's a good start to my quest for writing down everything I can on this journal and maybe finding out why I don't have any extensions.

See you all at the next documented day.


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