May 24 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader,

Something interesting happened today, I was down by the river, reading under a tree

and I saw this big round blue rock in the water, it was just at the edge of the river.

I put all my books, including the journal, in my bag and went to get the rock.

When I was just about to get it, I slipped and fell into the water

and of course the journal fell into the water with me, but it didn't get wet,

I did and so did the other books, but the journal was completely dry.

The first thought that crossed my mind, was that the journal might be waterproof.

Even though that didn't make sense, I still decided to test it again.

It was risky, but I did it anyway.

I put it in the water one more time to see if it somehow actually was waterproof.

And it turns out it is actually waterproof,

but I don't understand how that is possible, it's simple paper.

While I don't have time to look in to it, right now,

I really want to find out what this journal is and where it came from.

Tomorrow I will write about abilities and extensions, like promised yesterday.


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