June 8 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

Just when you think you got somewhere and made progress, it all falls apart.

I thought I could find out who's responsible for this war, but it's all even more complicated now,

apparently one of the villages responsible is from the future, village 712 K,

it means they are the 11th village to be founded in the year 712.

Obviously we are in the year 682 and the only way to get there is to use the journal, but for that I have to wait until June 14,

it's the only way I can know if traveling to the future is actually possible. I'm still very confused about time travel logic.

I got nothing to do today, I have just been thinking about what else I can do with the journal, I guess I should just use it when I really need to.

It's been a while since I read any books from the military library, I should get back to that, I'm sure there is something interesting in there.

Besides that, I still don't know where the journal comes from, I was thinking about going back to the day I found the journal,

maybe even a day earlier, to see how I got it, I could even take it back with me and have two, sounds like a dangerous thing to do, but I am curious.

I guess that's Hu 2's next mission, if you're reading this, get another journal.

For the rest of you, see at the next documented day.

-Hu 1

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