May 25 682 A.C

Hello again, future reader.

Today I want to write about abilities or extensions, whatever you call them.

Right now every person except me has an ability.

An ability or extension has multiple stages and branches with other abilities,

an example of that is the most common one in our village,

coming from the "Light" extension the first known stage is what we call "The Lens"

and it does just what it sounds like it would do, it allows someone to see small things

and things that are further away easier.

Nothing physical changes within the eye, we actually don't know how any of these work,

it could be magic could be some kind of special energy, no one knows.

There are other abilities outside this village, but there is no real documentation about them.

All we know that some abilities might be genetic and only exist in certain places, as if they were placed there.

So that's it, everyone in this village has a stage one ability,

except me, of course, maybe one day I'll get one, but it's unlikely.

That's all I can say about abilities for now, not much. That's it for today as well.

See you at the next documented day.


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